Not getting paid for the work your performing ?

Written by Steve Reid

Steve is a Registered Professional Engineer of 26 years experience and a Level 2 Adjudicator of 6 years experience. Steve has completed many Adjudications including complex claims exceeding $1.3m in value.



Do you have a construction contract where you are not being paid or money is being withheld that you feel you are rightfully owed. Well if this is the case then you might want to consider an Adjudication Application to help you recover that construction payment. We have put together a comprehensive guide to Adjudication in 7 parts. Get started on the first one here and at the last one you can download all of them as a consolidated paper here. Want to know more, find out how we can help you further by preparing your Adjudication Application on your behalf that you can then lodge. We can help take the hassle, uncertainty and confusion out of preparing Applications and let you get on to doing the construction work. Steve Reid is a Grade 2 Registered Adjudicator under the Queensland Governments Building Industry Fairness Act 2017 Legislation. He has been an Adjudicator since 2016 and has performed both standard and complex Adjudications under the Act. As a Registered Professional Engineer of more than 26 years of global experience Steve is uniquely placed to offer his assistance on matters from small building disputes up to high value complex multidisciplined Engineering and Construction Projects

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