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We are EPC & Project Delivery Experts

We specialise in helping Owners, Clients, Designers and Constructors plan and execute Engineering & Construction Projects across multiple industries.


If its either working individually or in a small group, we can integrate within your team and manage all aspects of;

Project Leadership & Safety

Project Delivery Strategies

Scope of Work & Contract Formation

Budgets, Forecasting & Schedule Management

Org Structures, Team Recruitment & Mentoring

Team Motivation & Performance

Risk Management

Division of Responsibilities (DOR)

Design & Constructability Reviews

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Expediting and Factory Acceptance Test Schedules

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Design Reviews and Cost Reduction

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Labour Histograms

Laydown Area Planning

Construction Plant & Equipment Planning

Crane Planning

“We can work with you to help develop and deliver your Project sucessfully”

Minerals Processing Plants

Metallurgical & Thermal Coal, Iron Ore, Copper, Gold & Lithium

Hydrocarbons & Gas

Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO), Petrochemical Refining, Hydrogen Compression

Water Treatment MFRO Plants

Desalination, Reverse Osmosis & Microfiltration

Large Scale Greenfield Projects

Mega Project Developments

Brownfields Plants

Upgrades, Expansions, Debottle Necking Projects

Stockpile Machines

Stockyard Assessments, Machine Scoping & Procurement, Engineering & Construction Management

Chemical Plants

Ammonium Nitrate, Integrated Combined Cycle Gasification & Carbon Capture and Storage (IGCC & CCS)

Our Value

How We Do Things





For us Innovation is not just the latest buzzword.

We believe its about leveraging the newest methods of working and eliminating the methods that don’t.

Often its not what we do, but how we do it and we have some very interesting automated methods of working that reduce Project Engineering manhours and increase productivity.

We mean meticulous and rock solid planning not just scheduling. The kind where you think 25 steps in front and work out all the possible outcomes and issues.  Proper planning starts at the client level in determining the most appropriate execution strategy, then finding the right companies, the right vendors and then the right people to execute your plan and then having…

a back up plan for the back up plan.

Project delivery in Australia has become harder than ever. It’s faster, plagued with skills shortages, overly complicated and also highly bureaucratic. That’s why we focus on assurity of delivery and doing the work required  to get the job done. We apply old school methods in new ways to stay on track.

Just because you’ve got a contract doesn’t mean it will get done. All Projects have problems but its how you get out of trouble that counts.


Whether your a global resource powerhouse, junior miner, tier 1, 2 or 3 constructor or designer, we know we can help with your Project at whatever stage its in.

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Pre Bid Agreements & Risk Apportion

Designer & Constructor Partnering Strategies

Contracting Strategies

First Principles Estimating

Labour Rates & Manhours

Quantity development

Estimate Procurement Pricing

Estimate Reviews & Benchmarking

Multiple Estimates Integration

Risk & Escalation Modeling

Fast Track Scheduling

Project Sequencing

Rostering and Weather Analysis

Manhours and Labour Histograms


Our clients below have trusted us to deliver for them.

“I have known Steve for a number of years now and he is an engineer who get things done. He is a leader amongst peers and makes sure the end game is achieved by cutting through the “noise” and getting to the crux of a problem and fixing it.”

Jim Harrison

Specialist Engineer CS Energy